The Right Tool for the Job

img-06SYSCOM is totally focused on serving the needs of our clients. We recommend and implement only the best technology available to solve problems. Sometimes, that perfect piece of software just simply does not exist.

When that happens, the talented engineers at SYSCOM roll up their sleeves. We have created patent-pending technologies that build on the very best middleware from IBM. Whether we’re breathing new life into old technologies, or pushing the boundaries of what is possible, SYSCOM software is designed for maximum effectiveness.

ICM Toolkit

The SYSCOM Case Manager Quick Start Toolkit enables you to jump start your IBM Case Manager project by providing a working collection of reusable components.

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img-07SYSCOM’s ImageText Business Intelligence Gateway allows unprecedented access to information. Allows full text searches on Content Repositories using the SYSCOM ImageText Transformer.

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img-08When making the transition from ImagePlus to Content Manager, turn to SYSCOM and IP2CM. This migration utility and service ensures that all metadata makes the transition to Content Manager without loss or corruption, and helps to ensure that dependent business applications don’t get “broken” in the process.

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IICE Connectors

img-09Information Integrator Content Edition (IICE) is a framework developed by IBM that takes disparate types of content repositories and welds them into a single, federated solution. In order to establish connections with the various content archives, IICE employs Connectors. SYSCOM has devleoped two connectors for IICE that open up federation opportunities to users of ImagePlus.

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img-10SYSCOM’s Advanced Image Solution Plus (AIS+) Enterprise Edition provides an alternative solution for a front-end application to ImagePlus. AIS+ combines the existing functionality of IBM’s front end, Folder and Workflow Application (FWA) – with enhanced features for customers looking for a more comprehensive application.

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SYSCOM Fax Integration

SYSCOM Fax Integration supports a direct interface between IBM’s ImagePlus/390 on an MVS host and a fax subsystem on Windows NT or IBM OS/2.

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MVS Connect™

img-11SYSCOM’s MVSConnect™ is a high-speed document store interface that integrates IBM’s ImagePlus/390 System with Kofax Ascent Capture.

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ASImport2CM™ is a powerful tool that allows images and data from literally any source to be quickly and seamlessly imported into Content Manager.

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AnySource Migrator (ASM) provides the migration architect with a tool to perform taxonomy analysis, define migration processes, test migrations, execute the migrations and monitor the results of the migration.

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SYSCOM Back Office Banking Solutions

Reduce Your Back Office Banking Costs by 50%

Watch this video to see how to reduce time and save money on back office banking operations. SYSCOM, helps back office banking executives reduce their cost of operations and digitally unlock the value imbedded in their legacy systems to measurably support their digital transformation initiatives.

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