SYSCOM Content Services provides a Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) approach to control and manage access to your enterprise IBM Content Manager or IBM FileNet Content Manager repository. Administrators can quickly create and deploy new services through configuration alone.

SYSCOM Content Services provides organizations with the following benefits:

Helps meet compliancy regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley by providing consistent processes.
Improves project development timelines with easily configurable services.
Provides a core set of common content features that are extensible thereby saving time if new features are necessary.
Insulates Line of Business applications from updates to Content Systems.

For more information, see the datasheet below.

SYSCOM Back Office Banking Solutions

Reduce Your Back Office Banking Costs by 50%

Watch this video to see how to reduce time and save money on back office banking operations. SYSCOM, helps back office banking executives reduce their cost of operations and digitally unlock the value imbedded in their legacy systems to measurably support their digital transformation initiatives.

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