Computer vision (CV) is a discipline within artificial intelligence that trains computers to understand and interpret the visual world. SYSCOM uses computer vision to extract, analyze, and understand information from all variety of image data. Advanced processes and algorithms serve as a basis for the achievement of automatic visual understanding.

SYSCOM can integrate this leading edge technology across a wide range of industries to help you reduce costs and increase your efficiency.

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The link below contains a SYSCOM study using AI and computer vision in the screening for Lyme disease. It outlines the concept behind an image classifier-based method for identifying structures in blood. While used in the context of screening for Lyme disease in this research paper, the methodology could potentially be used to identify multiple blood-borne pathogens through visual identification.


Operational intelligence (OI) offers real-time dynamic, business analytics that can deliver insight into your content and business operations. OI solutions run queries against streaming data feeds and event data, delivering analytic results that provide operational instructions.

SYSCOM’s capabilities enable your organization to leverage OI capabilities, automating the analysis process, and integrating the resulting information into operational systems for immediate use by business managers and workers.

This paper describes research that SYSCOM is currently conducting in the area of Natural Language Processing and Machine Translation.


With Robotic Process Automation (RPA), SYSCOM can you help you automate routine business tasks quickly and cost effectively.  When employees need to perform repetitive tasks throughout their work day, it keeps them from performing higher value tasks that are more important for your business.   As a part of your overall strategic automation initiatives, SYSCOM can integrate RPA bots into your work environment that can perform these routine tasks.  Use of RPA bots free employees to perform higher level work.   By automating selective, repetitive tasks, your company become more productive.   Bots can be used to scale up workloads without increased labor requirements. Employees can now work smarter, on more value added tasks.  Productivity is increased, work product is more consistent, and errors are reduced.

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SYSCOM Back Office Banking Solutions

Reduce Your Back Office Banking Costs by 50%

Watch this video to see how to reduce time and save money on back office banking operations. SYSCOM, helps back office banking executives reduce their cost of operations and digitally unlock the value imbedded in their legacy systems to measurably support their digital transformation initiatives.

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